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Within 1 hour of 16046.  For longer distances, please contact me for a quote.  

This fee is split between all appointments at the same location.  Waived with 4 or more appointments 

EVALUATION OF CURRENT SADDLE (English only at this time)

$100*  1-1.5 hrs


  • A detailed history of you and your horse 

  • Palpation, movement and symmetry evaluation 

  • Tracings

  • Check the soundness and integrity of the tree, billets and stitching 

  • Static and ridden evaluation  

* Includes 1 saddle, $25 for each additional on same horse.


$175* (2-3hrs depending on number of saddles tried)

Fee is waived if order is placed within 4 weeks!
Includes full evaluation plus test rides in demo saddles.  

After initial appointment services available.  Please contact for details!


$175*  1.5 hrs
Typical biannual/annual flocking adjustment for maintaining wool flocked saddles.  Includes full evaluation




Your saddle's panels will be dropped, stripped entirely of the old wool and replaced with 100% pure wool and stitched back on.  A deep clean and thorough check of the tree will be performed as well. 


*Farm call applies.  Drop off/pick up can be arranged at no charge.  If not a currently client, a full evaluation must be booked prior.



4 Long- Starting at $150

6  Short-Starting at $200

Singles-Starting at $40

Additional fee applies to saddles that require the panels to be dropped to replace billets


Tree Adjustments-$250*

These are carried out on a case by case basis.  This service is not offered onsite.


TreeClix Installation-$350*

These are carried out on a case by base basis.  This service is not offered onsite.  Includes installation of bases and 1 set of wedges.  Additional wedges available at $50/set


Tree Intregrity check-$100-200*

Bought a used saddle? Current saddle is older than 5yrs?  Hear a suspicious squeak or creak?  This is a great way to ensure the tree has not been compromised.  Panels will be dropped, tree checked for any cracks, loose or popped rivets, and asymmetries.

All other repairs billed at $80/hr prorated.  Please contact me for more info

*Farm call applies.  Drop off/pickup available for no charge

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