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Yep, you read that right! And no, I’m not making or fitting saddles to cats (that would be taking my Crazy Cat Lady status to a whole new level)  But what I am doing, is donating a portion of ALL sales to local cat charities and organizations starting now and continuing FURever! 

So from this day forward, whether you purchase a custom, demo or used saddle from SL Saddles, I will make a donation to a very deserving group of feline welfare crusaders.  To spread the love, I will choose a different organization quarterly to make monthly donations. 

And I’m not stopping at saddle sales either.  All evaluations, flocking and repair services are also included.  For those who like to go the extra mile, I will have a Wishlist for the spotlighted charity that I will include with your booking info email. 

So, contact me today to schedule an appointment.  Not only will your pony thank you, but so will a kitty in need!

~Jen Scholz, CSF, CCL

P.S. If you run, volunteer or foster for a group or just have a favorite charity, please reach out!  I’d love to learn more and get you in the mix!

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